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This Silence Is Mine

The theme of the Drakengard (Drag-On Dragoon) 3 action role-playing game.


悪戯道化師 - Itazura Piero (Mischievous Pierrot)

Only available on online music stores (including Apple's iTS) and Chihiro's official online store.


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Bitter Flavor Road





惑星の森 - Wakusei no Mori (Forest of Planets)


愛の台詞 - Ai no Serifu (Words of Love)


I Pass By (Darksmoke Version)

Written on her guitar for the first time. It was recorded one shot, with guitarist Tsuyoshi Kon alone.


青春の輝き - I Need To Be In Love

Included in the album Yesterday Once More: Tribute To The Carpenters.



This is a folky number with heart-breaking but heart-warming lyrics about unvarnished emotions between a couple. These words are written from a boy's (man's) point of view since the word "僕" (boku) is used here. This song was written in February 2008.




秘密 - Himitsu (Secret)


育つ雑草 - Sodatsu Zasso (A Weed That Grows)


私とワルツを - Watashi to Warutsu wo (Waltz With Me)

A sense of loneliness prevails throughout this song.

"The words 'Why do you strive to live a life / When you can't believe anything' are what I'm always asking to myself," says Chihiro. "I'm afraid a number of people are dancing alone to avoid hurting others. And I want those people to waltz at least with themselves so they can love their own selves properly."

Although Chihiro pronounces the first person pronoun "watashi" atashi, I stick to the spelling shown above. It looks more natural when written this way.

This is an ordinary CD, not CCCD.


いい日旅立ち・西へ - Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e (Departure on a Fine Day, For the West) (CCCD)

West Japan Railway Company's "Discover the West" advertising campaign song, written by Shinji Tanimura, an ex-member of a famous J-POP band called "Alice". This song used to be sung in 1978 by Momoe Yamaguchi, a legendary female pop star who fascinated the whole country. The lyrics were changed almost entirely for this recording. Recorded early in September, just before Chihiro had throat surgery.


Beautiful Fighter

When Chihiro heard this piano-less arrangement by Mr. Haketa, she thought he is a real genius because everything she wanted was in there. This number is characterized by "the beauty of repetition" as Chihiro puts it. One and the same chord progression pattern is repeated all the way.

Chihiro's message: "Relax and be aware of the circulation of energy through your life."


嵐ヶ丘 - Arashi-ga Oka (Wuthering Heights)

Following "Sign", this is the second number Chihiro played the role of a playwright. What she had in her mind while creating this song were these two scenes: the heroine looking lonesomely down on a town from the summit of a hill, and the heroine who turned into a monster being driven out of the town.

This grand, heartrending work sounds deeper than ever. This number is also played without the piano.


Currently the official site's discography page incorrectly refers to this song as "嵐が丘." (Click on the "Beautiful Fighter" link.) The correct Japanese title that is shown on the CD single is "嵐ヶ丘" with "ヶ" probably being the smaller katakana character (i.e. 小書き or kogaki) rather than "ケ."



Chihiro's comments:

The conception of this song was a boy student at high school who fell in one-sided love. Only a few words exchanged with someone you love would make your heart pound fast, wouldn't they? I wanted to express this kind of feeling in this work.

The lyrics for this song are the simplest and most dramatic I've ever wrote. I used boys' language here.

Folia: Japanese has both male and female languages. It may seem similar to the difference as in French sentences « Je suis heureux. » ("I'm happy" spoken by a man) and « Je suis heureuse. » ("I'm happy" spoken by a woman) but it really is more complex.

After I finished the demo tape for this song, I insisted this is the rhythm and I never gave way to anyone.


ダイニングチキン - Dining Chicken

Chihiro's comments:

This is a song of the night. What gave birth to it was an image of various emotions drawn in the dark, just like phone lines. In this work I tried to express a deepest despair.

Everybody seems wondering if it's a typo for "Dining / Kitchen". But it isn't. It's taken from a speech in the film Girl, Interrupted.


守ってあげたい - Mamotte Agetai (I Want To Protect You)

Included in Queen's Fellows — yuming 30th anniversary cover album. Originally made and sung by Yumi Matsutoya (a.k.a. Yuming), a leading figure in the J-Pop world, this song was a big hit in 1981.


Fly to me



Included in Scene - Hyoten 2001 original soundtrack CD. Apparently used in the TV drama of the same title.

Note: Because this CD does provide a players list for the entire album but not for this specific track, the above list is a result of mere presumption and may contain incomplete or erroneous information.


Ash on this road


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