Sugar High


This monotonous English-lyric song was made when Oni was a high school student. According to her, this is a song of "bloodstained Snow White".


声 - Koe (Voice)

This is a song after Oni's own heart. She says she hopes the audience won't fall asleep because this song is so agreeable to the ear.


Rebel Luck

Words that sink deeply into listeners' mind. "I want people thinking about committing suicide to have a listen to this song. They may change their mind and put it off until tomorrow," says Oni.

"Whenever I lose sight of myself
Or get broken down by despair
All I should do is to recall
That I haven't lost anything"


Tiger in my Love

Made in the year 2000, somewhere between "Gekko" and "Cage". This number was once recorded during the INSOMNIA session but has long been given up for various reasons. Oni says she likes the quarrel-like fake towards the ending. She also believes this kind of aggressiveness is what characterizes her true self. Featured in a Kenwood's commercial.


Castle · imitation

Extra CD version

Album version

A heroic extra CD version and a gentler ballade on the album, in different tonalities. Also known as the theme for Breath of Fire 5: Dragon Quarter for PlayStation 2.


漂流の羽根 - Hyoryu no Hane (Drifting Feather)

A dramatic work with very simple instrumentation. Used as an ending theme for a video drama series.


砂の盾 - Suna no Tate (Sand Shield)

A counterpart to "Rebel Luck", according to Oni. This piece plays a pivotal role in Sugar High, just as "Rasen" did in INSOMNIA and "Shadow" in This Armor.


King of Solitude

Loneliness sung in warm words. Oni wrote this song picturing to herself Christmas scenes in New York, 10 p.m.



This is a kind of song that has rarely been heard from the J-Pop world. "This is maniac but stays in the mainstream. I like my breathing felt in this work," says Oni.


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