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A short comment on the status of this site

You may be wondering why this site hasn't been updated for months. Some of you asked me if I was too busy or sick or something, which is not the case with me.

Any fan site reflects its artist's activities. When the artist stops, the fan site also stops naturally. It appears that in addition to the magic word "patience," what we need to appreciate is this:

... jusqu'au jour où Dieu daignera dévoiler l'avenir à l'homme, toute la sagesse humaine sera dans ces deux mots : attendre et espérer.
(... until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words: wait and hope.)

Le Comte de Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas Père


Introduction to Frozen Call

"Chihiro Onitsuka in the Media" has been renamed "Frozen Call". I've made changes in the structure and appearance of this site. Here are the highlights:

Although renamed, this unofficial site continues to be dedicated to Onitsuka-san just as it has been.

Folia <folia@frozen-call.rdy.jp>


Introduction to Chihiro Onitsuka in the Media

This site is intended to serve as a supplement to existing sources of information on Chihiro Onitsuka, a Japanese singer-songwriter. This site is, and will be, focused on information not available elsewhere — I mean, not available in English. Scanty as it may seem at this moment, this site will continue to grow if things go well.

Since I'm not interested in violating applicable copyright laws, I'm not posting any copyrighted pictures. If you'd like to take a look at those stuff, you may want to visit Chihiro Onitsuka Official Web Site. And please remember I'm not going to give out any recorded materials or anything to anybody. All I do is to show you what I write.


All translations on this site have been done by Folia unless otherwise noted.



Chihiro Onitsuka Official Web Site


Chihiro Onitsuka International

Unofficial English-language site run by Sakai-san, one of Oni's relatives. Sakai-san is the webmaster of aquarianwave.com, where you can learn all about contemporary/smooth jazz (in Japanese).

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