嵐ヶ丘 - Arashi-ga Oka (Wuthering Heights)

Following "Sign", this is the second number Chihiro played the role of a playwright. What she had in her mind while creating this song were these two scenes: the heroine looking lonesomely down on a town from the summit of a hill, and the heroine who turned into a monster being driven out of the town.

This grand, heartrending work sounds deeper than ever. This number is also played without the piano.


Currently the official site's discography page incorrectly refers to this song as "嵐が丘." (Click on the "Beautiful Fighter" link.) The correct Japanese title that is shown on the CD single is "嵐ヶ丘" with "ヶ" probably being the smaller katakana character (i.e. 小書き or kogaki) rather than "ケ."



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