蛍 - Hotaru (Firefly)

The theme of a Japanese film Last Game—Saigo no Sokeisen (The Last Baseball Game Between Waseda University and Keio University;—which gives a picture of students who were killed in a battle during World War II. This fantastic ballad has been picked up by the film's production staff from the collection of her unreleased songs.

"Hotaru," which sings about the evanescence and strength of love and life, is Chihiro's first song that is produced by Mr. Masayuki Sakamoto, who is known as the producer of Ayaka Hirahara's "Jupiter" as well as Hideaki Tokunaga's VOCALIST series.

Chihiro, as a kanji fetish, loves the shape of "蛍" as well as its sound. "Hotaru" was finished in March 2007 and recorded in January 2008. It's a five-minute novel or film.



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