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Message from Chihiro and expected releases

Excerpt from "MUSIC TALKS 2003 SPRING" ( [03-06-16: Page has been removed.]

"What I want to tell you now is best expressed in the lyrics 'It's not joy nor sorrow but only you that I'm thinking of.' In 'Sign' I sing of pure and universal emotions of being deeply in love with someone. Through this song, you will see the true image of me."

Another CD single is expected in summer and still another later this year, as well as an album before the end of this year.


"Sign" update

A promotional video clip can be viewed at Official Discography Page. I believe the following is what is sung at the beginning:

I sold off my composure and turned into a bubble
The world would have the kindness to laugh at me

Where am I going with only this baggage?
And I'm only thinking of you.


Oni to take part in "Jive the Keys" Funky 802 14th Anniversary concert at Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka) on June 1.


Message from Chihiro

Excerpt from the Official Message Page (login required to access the page)

I think the lyrics for this song are the simplest and most dramatic ever. What I wanted to express here is how you feel when your heart is full thinking about somebody you love devotedly. Too much love makes words simpler.

When I decided on this rhythm, I thought I really made it! This is the easiest rhythm for me to sing emotionally. I just wanted to express the high feeling caused by loving someone, in a simplest form.

New releases (update)

Further details of the releases are on the official site.

You can hear a sample of "Sign" at the Official Discography Page. To me, these lyrics sound like this:

I hope for blinks without any guarantee
Because I know something that is more important than reasons

Tonight onto the window of your room
I'm gonna sprinkle stars with a noise
I can't tell you
I want you to ask me nothing, just smile at me
It's not joy nor sorrow but only you that I'm thinking of
Tonight I'm gonna be with you.

Included in the ULTIMATE CRASH DVD will be:

 1. Introduction (pianos: Haketa and Togashi)
 3. Cage
 4. infection
 5. Hyoryu no Hane
 6. Memai
 7. Interlude (pianos: Haketa and Togashi)
 8. Tiger in my Love
 9. Innocence
10. edge
11. Shine
13. Mamotte Agetai
14. Koe
15. King of Solitude
16. Gekko
17. Castle · imitation.


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