In the News 2003-05


Autograph sessions

Starting from today, Oni will hold autograph sessions in Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, (and probably) Yokohama. Only those who bought both "Sign" CD and the ULTIMATE CRASH DVD are invited on a first-buy-first-invited basis.

An interview video

... was aired in a Fuji Television news program. Oni said she is always in love and is fond of good-looking men like Leonardo DiCaprio.

2003-05-24 (cont.)

Appearance in a live radio program

In a TOKYO FM radio program, Oni had a talk with the program's hosts. You can take a peek into the studio at[03-06-16: Already withdrawn.] (This 7-minute video is part of a simultaneous stream broadcast.) Highlights of her talk:


Another concert

According to the Official Site, Oni will participate in the "love crescendo vol. 1" concert that will be held at Fukuoka Sun Palace, Fukuoka in August.

Favorite film

Ever After (a Cinderella story).
Source: an FM802 radio program.


On a talk show / Music Station

This afternoon Oni guested for "Waratte Iitomo", a popular live variety show presented by Fuji Television Network. She said she doesn't have interest in anything other than music.

Tonight she sang "Sign" in "Music Station", a live music program presented by TV Asahi. She sure is running about busily.


Live appearance in a news program

Early in this morning Oni sang "Sign" live in a news program broadcast by Fuji Television Network. She looked nervous as always.


Chihiro Onitsuka "UNPLUGGED SHOW '03"

According to the Official Site, Chihiro Onitsuka "UNPLUGGED SHOW '03" will be given in August at the Symphony Hall, Osaka ( and Suntory Hall, Tokyo ( Each of these halls is very famous for its excellent acoustics optimized for classical concerts.


"Sign" and ULTIMATE CRASH DVD released

I bought the "Sign" CD and the ULTIMATE CRASH DVD today, one day earlier than their official release. The extra "Tiger in my Love" (special video edition) included in the CD turned out to be the take used for the Kenwood's commercial. Included in the DVD is a bonus track of "BORDERLINE". It was recorded in a studio, accompanied only by Haketa's acoustic piano.


Chihiro's message — a TOKYO FM radio program

"I'm reading Shuji Terayama's analects.... Try to sing 'Sign' at a karaoke bar. It'll be very difficult. I was surprised to find that."


Chihiro's comments on the title "Dining Chicken" — from a NACK 5 radio program

"Everybody seems wondering if it's a typo for 'Dining / Kitchen'. But it isn't. It's from the film Girl, Interrupted."


A video message

... can be viewed at (Look for the row 05/14.) [03-06-16: Login required now.]

"I used to pour out my heart in songwriting. With 'Sign', I tried to act as a playwright who shows you a series of pictures." Thank you for the info, triste-san.


Appearance in two radio programs

Oni appeared in two live programs broadcast from NACK 5 radio station. She talked about the Ultimate Crash concert, "It was a sensation to me, too. (While I was singing,) I was beside myself and I felt as if a tiger were coming out of my body."


Live appearance in a radio program

Oni appeared in a live radio program broadcast from FM Yokohama. She said she is not going to make a concert tour this year but may have a chance to sing in summer or thereabouts.



"Sign" and "Dining Chicken" goes on the air

Today these two songs were broadcast from BAY FM. It turned out to be a somewhat quiet song (at least superficially) accompanied mainly by an acoustic guitar. "Sign" promotional video has been on the air since the end of April.


Recent portrait

... can be found at It looks like a screenshot from "Mayonaka no Okoku 03" (Midnight Kingdom 03) produced by Japan Broadcasting Corporation.


"Sign" promotion starts

"Sign" promotional video clip began to go on the air yesterday. According to sources, radio broadcasting also began. A lot of media exposure (including magazines) is planned for the near future.


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