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On television

Today Chihiro sang "Sign" in Fuji Television Network's live TV special "FNS 27-Hour Television: Minna no Uta (Songs for All)".

Discontent smolders about unobtainable tickets

The official bulletin board is flooded with complaints about the unavailability of the Unplugged Show tickets. Since there is no Chihiro fan club, no members-only special seating block is available. It's been reported that only one minute after ticket sales open to general public started yesterday, the concerts were sold out. (What I was trying to get was an advance ticket.)


Chihiro's video message

She's talking about the release of "Sign" (what I've already written). Click on one of the 1M/500K/ISDN buttons at

Chihiro's portrait


Important Notice

Today I removed from my site a number of excerpted articles that might infringe the copyright owned by their respective publishers.

Japan has already been strict about copyright protection. Now it's going to be more rigorous than ever. Because I'm uploading these files onto a Japanese server from within Japan, this site is subject to Japanese laws and regulations. There's no "fair use" policy as in the U.S. here. Please note that this action was taken in order to avoid the worst-case scenario: closing down this site.

Hoping to keep this site up and running.


2003-06-20 (cont.)

The J-PHONE commercial

... can be viewed at Click on either the Broadband 300K or Narrowband 45K button just under the picture showing a girl. This was in fact a commercial for Toshiba J-T09 mobile phones for J-PHONE/Vodafone.


J-PHONE commercial / Unplugged concert

I haven't come across the commercial yet. Obviously it is being aired sparingly. According to the people who watched it, Oni doesn't appear there.

I want to attend the Unplugged concert at Suntory Hall, but I haven't been successful so far in getting my ticket. Oni's concert tickets are so hard to come by. Now I see very little chance of getting one. I'm sorry I may not be able to write a report.


J-PHONE commercial song

"Sign" has been picked out for a J-PHONE/Vodafone commercial song that will be aired nationwide from June 14 thru the end of July.
Source: Official What's New page.


"Beautiful Fighter" (update)

The Official Site's popup window has been updated.


"Beautiful Fighter" (update)

According to an HMV Japan's page, "Beautiful Fighter" and "Arashi-ga Oka" (Wuthering Heights) will be released on August 20. HMV's review reads that the former song is a piano-less catchy rock number in which British and American guitars roar. A video clip of "Koe" will be also included.

Autograph sessions

Chihiro's autograph-signing tour ended yesterday.


An inside story about the Budokan concert

An inside story about the Budokan concert has been published in the latest issue of talkin' rock! magazine.


A snapshot

... of Chihiro as she guested in an FM Hokkaido radio program yesterday (


Chihiro's posting on the official bulletin board

Thank you folks

Two weeks have passed since "Sign" was released. Excuse me for being late in giving thanks to you because I've been working out of regular hours — talking in a program and whatnot. My gratitude to all of you who bought my discs!

(An excerpt from a posting dated 2003-06-03)


"Beautiful Fighter"

... new CD single will be released in August, according to the Official Site's popup window.

Autograph session

Today I met Oni in person for the first time at an autograph party held at a Shinseido CD store located in Yokohama. I had my "Sign" CD autographed and shook hands with her. She was taking mineral water instead of cola. I was impressed with how she looked me straight in the eye and shook my hand fast.


Jive the Keys session

According to the FM 802 radio station's web page [03-06-16: Page has been removed.], Oni sang "Gekko", "Seishun no Kage", and "Sign" last night (M-4 thru M-6 on the page). The second song is a melodious hit released in 1974 by a J-Pop band called Tulip.


Pop Jam

Last night a prerecorded Pop Jam session held at NHK Hall was aired by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). Oni sang "Sign". A backstage talk with Yuka, a popular TV personality, was included in this program. Oni had small talk about how easily she gets tired of everything.


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