In the News 2003-07


"Arashi-ga Oka" (Wuthering Heights) audio sample

... has been uploaded onto the Official Site's Messages page (login required). Here is a summary of Chihiro's comments:

2003-07-29 (cont.)

"Beautiful Fighter" promotional video

... is now available on the Official Site (approx. 30 seconds).


"Beautiful Fighter" promotional video update

Late last night Space Shower TV, a digital CS broadcaster, put this video clip on the air in full. It was dark and cool. (I finally bought a CS tuner last weekend and I was just in time for this broadcast.) It seems Viewsic, another digital CS station, also aired this video at midnight.


"Beautiful Fighter" promotional video

Early in this morning a fraction of "Beautiful Fighter" promotional video clip was aired in Fuji Television Network's Morning TV program. The aired part was only several seconds long.


"Beautiful Fighter" update

The keyword for this new song is "beauty of repetition", according to sources.


"Beautiful Fighter"

... sound clip is out on the Official Site's pop-up.



According to sources, Chihiro appeared on McVISION, a satellite broadcasting system installed in McDonald's. It is reported that "Sign" and "Tiger in my Love" promotional video clips as well as Chihiro's talk were aired.

* The McVISION programs are produced by Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
Reference: (in Japanese).


Virgin Tokyo update

The Virgin Tokyo website ( has also been updated. Chihiro reportedly gives a message "relax and be aware of the circulation of energy through your life" in "Beautiful Fighter".


"Beautiful Fighter" CD single

The official discography page has been updated.

  1. Beautiful Fighter
  2. Arashi-ga Oka (Wuthering Heights)
  3. Beautiful Fighter (inst.)
  4. Arashi-ga Oka (inst.)

Extra: Chihiro Archives Vol. 2 "Koe" (piano edit).


Sound Conifer 229

Chihiro will take part in this joint concert that will be given at the Conifer Forest in Fujikyu Highland amusement park located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, on August 30. Chiaki Seike (also an MSR artist), Mika Nakashima (Chihiro's close friend), and Megumi Takeuchi will also sing.


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