In the News 2003-08


love crescendo vol. 1

It has been reported that Chihiro sang at the "love crescendo vol. 1" joint concert at Fukuoka Sun Palace, August 26:

  1. Shine
  2. Memai
  3. call
  5. Gekko

Backed up only by Mr. Haketa's piano. Apparently Chihiro hadn't taken a turn for the better yet. Incidentally, Akiko Yano and Asuca Hayashi also sang at this concert.

Sound Conifer 229

Another joint concert at Fujikyu Highland amusement park, Yamanashi, August 30:

  1. Arashi-ga Oka
  2. Innocence
  3. Gekko
  4. We can go
  5. Beautiful Fighter

With a backing band of piano, guitars, bass, drums, and others. Although Chihiro's overall performance was good, her voice was still husky, as reported by those who went to the concert. It appears Chiaki Seike was favorably received by the people who heard her songs for the first time.


Two concerts

... will be given in Hamamatsu and Sapporo on October 4 and 10, respectively.

TV commercial

"Beautiful Fighter" TV commercials are now being aired.


Another snapshot Apparently at an FM-FUJI radio station studio.

Autograph session

This time, an autograph session will be held only at a Tsutaya CD store located in Roppongi, Tokyo, on August 20.


Snapshots at the TOKYO FM studio They are copying poses made by Chihiro's favorite comedians.


TOKYO FM radio program

This afternoon Chihiro guested in a TOKYO FM radio program. "Arashi-ga Oka" went on the air. She had an innocent talk with the program's hostess as always. She will also appear in FM Yokohama's radio program tonight.

A Polaroid snapshot of Chihiro

... has been uploaded onto the Official Site's Messages page (login required). Apparently she is supporting the Hanshin Tigers professional baseball team.



Chihiro's recent picture is posted on the MEN'S NON-NO magazine's website ( Look for the "music box" link on the right.


Talk abut the Unplugged Show at Osaka

To sum up what people are talking on the official bulletin board, Chihiro was not in good condition at Osaka, Tuesday. A majority of the people comment that her voice was hoarse and lacked her usual punch.


Unplugged Show

Yesterday night, the Unplugged Show '03 was held at the Symphony Hall, Osaka. It is reported that the new songs, "Beautiful Fighter" and "Arashi-ga Oka", were included in the set list.


Hokkaido Marathon

"Beautiful Fighter" has been picked out for the 2003 Hokkaido Marathon image song.


Novelties for the summer concerts

... will go on sale in late August at the Official Site. Posters, T-shirts, towels, mobile phone straps, ashtrays, and stickers. Unfortunately, MSR does not ship internationally.


New CD single promotion

According to the Virgin Tokyo website, Chihiro's appearance in over a dozen magazines is planned. From today through the beginning of the next month, music, fashion, and listings magazines will carry her interview articles. Major fashion magazines are included in the list. e.g. an·an, non-no, and MEN'S NON-NO.


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