In the News 2003-09


TRICK 3 theme update

According to the official TRICK site (, the TRICK 3 theme "Watashi to Warutsu wo" is likely to be hidden from the public ear until October 16 when the TV serial starts.

FYI: At the bottom of the TRICK page, links to Spot commercials, Mail news subscription, Music, TRICK 1 website, TRICK 2 website, and TRICK theatrical version's website are laid out. You should be able to view some video clips there. [03-10-01: This page has been renewed.] Incidentally, TRICK theatrical version's theme was also "Gekko".


TRICK 3 theme

According to the official release, the TRICK 3 theme will be Chihiro's new song "Watashi to Warutsu wo" (Waltz With Me). Details should be announced later on. TRICK 3 TV series will start on October 16.


Objection against CCCD

On the official bulletin board, objections against the upcoming release in CCCD format are being raised. I suppose many of you are already aware of the trouble with CCCDs. If you are not, I recommend you read through the Campaign for Digital Rights' Quick Summary page (

Against Toshiba EMI's plan, Chihiro has been ingeniously avoiding switching to the CCCD format. For example, a video clip was added to her recent CD singles. These Enhanced Music Compact Discs (a.k.a. CD-EXTRA discs) are compliant with the Compact Disc standards while CCCDs are not.


New CD update

According to the Official Site, the new CD single that will be available on October 29. This will be a Copy Control CD.

  1. Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e (working title; Departure on a Fine Day, for the West) *
  2. Gekko (from the Ultimate Crash '02 Live at Budokan)
  3. Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e (inst.)

* Music and lyrics written by Shinji Tanimura. The lyrics will be slightly different from the original.

2003-09-18 (cont.)

TV commercial

Chihiro has been singled out as the singer of "Ii Hi Tabidachi" (Departure on a Fine Day)*, West Japan Railway Company's "Discover the West" advertising campaign song. This song used to be sung in 1978 by Momoe Yamaguchi, a legendary female pop star who fascinated the whole country.

* Translation found on NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute's website and elsewhere.


New CD single

The new CD is likely to be released on October 29. It has been rumored that the new song will be used as the theme for TRICK 3, the sequel to the popular TRICK television drama series. TRICK 3 will be started in October.


Official bulletin board

A number of get-well messages have been posted onto the official bulletin board. Few people seem to be upset because this is not the first time this kind of misfortune happens to Chihiro.

HMV release info

HMV Japan's website says Chihiro's new CD single will be available on October 29. I don't know whether or not this is the latest information.


Two concerts canceled

According to the Official Site, K-MIX 20th Anniversary Special Live (October 4) and AIR-G Acoustic Live (October 10) have been canceled. Chihiro is suffering from vocal fold nodule and has been prescribed a one-month rest cure. At this moment, future plans are left undecided. MSR asks everyone to refrain from making inquiries about this matter.



Suddenly Chihiro fell into silence. (On television, she has never sung the numbers on the latest CD single.) According to rumors, it's because she has already started producing a new CD that will be released on November 6.


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