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Updates of this site may get slower and less frequent since I'm back to full-time work now. (I've been resting at home after receiving medical treatment.)

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Chaku-uta downloads

According to the Official What's New page, "Chaku-uta" mobile phone ring melody files will be available for download starting from December 1. Thirteen tunes including "Watashi to Warutsu wo" will be downloadable onto KDDI's latest au phones.


Official bulletin boards disappeared again

No announcement is made about this situation.


New official bulletin boards

... have been started. Look for "Fan's VOICE" and "Fan's Q&A" in the Official Top page.


The Waltz video in full

Last night I saw the full version of the Waltz promotional video aired by Space Shower TV. In this work, Chihiro is singing on the rooftop of a building at night, in a purple dress and a leaf garland on her head. In the middle, this song turns into triple time to which Chihiro actually waltzes alone. This touching video with minimum decorations is a must-see.


The Waltz promotional video clip sample

... is available on the Official Messages page (login required). In this one-minute sample clip, Chihiro is singing in a purple dress the blue dress shown on the Official Top page.


Barfout! magazine

The latest issue of Barfout! music magazine carries an interview with Chihiro. She talks about "Ii Hi..." and the Waltz. There is no reference to her throat.


"Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e" video

Today I saw "Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e" promotional video on Space Shower TV, one of SKY PerfecTV!'s music channels. To my disappointment, it was not aired in full. To my great disappointment, it did not show Chihiro at all. In fact, it was a series of dusky landscapes of western Japan.


"Watashi to Warutsu wo" update

It appears that Japanese radio stations are beginning to send this new number on the air.


"Watashi to Warutsu wo"

The Waltz ("Watashi to Warutsu wo") has been favorably accepted by Japanese fans although none of us have heard the song in its entirety. Its lyrics go like this:

The clock stops ticking
While the strange dinner goes on quietly...

Don't dance alone
For fear of hurting others
You, tender one
Please dance a waltz with me.


Oricon chart

According to this chart, "Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e" was the best sold CD single in Japan yesterday alone. (Oricon charts are the Japanese counterpart of those from America's Billboard.)


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