In the News 2004-05


Mezanyu news program

Fuji Television Network's Mezanyu news program referred briefly to the Nikkan Sports article early this morning.


Yahoo! Japan News

Yahoo! Japan cites Nikkan Sports News' article about her current situations. To sum up the article:

Because the reasons are not mentioned, a stir has been created in the musical world. A possibility of some kind of trouble over the release of the Singles Box has been pointed out by some.


Currently this Yahoo! news page is linked from Yahoo! Japan top page. [2004-05-30 2:30 p.m., JST]



According to SKY PerfecTV! Guide magazine published monthly by Tokyo News Service, Ltd., MUSIC ON! TV (a satellite TV channel formerly known as Viewsic) will air a program featuring Chihiro:

  1. June 16, 0:30-1:30 a.m.
  2. June 16, noon-1:00 p.m. (This second one should be a repeat.)

Again, I imagine this will be a collection of her promotion video clips. But I'm happy to know that she has not fallen into oblivion.


Bad news

MSR terminated Chihiro Onitsuka's management contract as of April 3, 2004. No inquiries are accepted about this matter. (


NHK Nodojiman

Chihiro's songs are often sung in NHK Nodojiman, an amateur singing contest broadcast on Sundays. Today, one of the contestants sang "Gekko" and got a pass. According to my observation, contestants who sing Chihiro's songs are somehow more likely to get awarded than others.


Casshern Official Album (update)

Just in case if you haven't noticed, audio clips are available for some of the tracks on the Casshern Official Album, on the Toshiba EMI's page I reported on April 10 (

  1. Kuki (Stem), Rinngo Sheena
  2. Like No One's Looking, Mondo Grosso
  3. Masquerade, Hyde
  4. Original Human, Towa Tei
  5. Suisha, Acidman
  6. Plueriel, SS:ST (Shiro SAGISU & Satoshi TOMIIE)
  7. BORDERLINE, Chihiro Onitsuka
  8. Requiem, The Back Horn
  9. Mugen no Déja vu kara - Peaceful Session, GLAY
  10. Dareka no Negai ga Kanau koro, (Casshern theme), Hikaru Utada


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