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Amicable settlement

According to Sankei Sports news (referred to in Fuji Television Network's Mezanyu program, Chihiro is going to release a new disc under Universal's A&M label in October.

In the prospect of future international releases, she became the first Japanese artist under this label. She reportedly said she is proud to enter into a contract with this time-honored company.

This news is also available at (in Japanese).

SMA's official announcement

The first CD single under the A&M label will be released in October.

( ; under "SMA HEADLINE")

Official announcement from Universal Music

Chihiro Onitsuka Holds a Contract With Universal Sigma
Her First CD Single Under the A&M Label To Be Released in October

July 23, 2004
Universal-Music K.K.

Universal-Music K.K. today announced that Universal Sigma, a J-pop division within the company, effected a contract with Chihiro Onitsuka. She has become the first artist under the division's A&M label that started in July. Her first CD single under this label will be released in October.

A&M has always respected its artists and the music they produce. Onitsuka's music will agree with this policy of A&M's, and her talents will be developed further under this label.



Unplugged Show '03

The Unplugged Show '03 will be featured in a TV program broadcast from Asashi Broadcasting Aomori, quite belatedly.

July 18, noon to 12:55 p.m. (I'm not able to receive this channel.)


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