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SMA's Artist Info pages updated

SMA's Artist Info pages have been updated. To our regret, their content is written only in Japanese.

CCCD update: SME to quit LabelGate

Sony Music Entertainment Japan has decided to phase out its LabelGate CD/LabelGate CD2 specifications. From November 17 onward, all of the company's new discs will be released as ordinary CDs.

Source: (in Japanese)


Recent image

Sankei Sports refers to Chihiro as a sexy rocker. The initial 50,000 copies of "Sodatsu Zasso" will have two different jackets.


Sodatsu Zasso images

... can be seen at Limited jacket for the initial lot (left) and regular one (right).


New official site

... has been started at The lyrics of "Sodatsu Zasso" are on it.

SMA Headline

... reports about Chihiro's performance. It appears the first song was backed up by strings only, the second one by strings and an acoustic guitar, and "Sodatsu Zasso" by a rock band and strings.

Surprise comeback

Yesterday Chihiro appeared as a surprise guest on the stage of Sweet Love Shower 2004, an open-air concert at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo (Tokyo) that was covered live by Space Shower TV. I missed it because there was no previous announcement. Many of those who saw her seemed shocked in disbelief to find that she did a complete turnabout. She reportedly sang:

in her ghastly makeup and red boots. They say she was like a real rock musician.

Fuji Television's Mezamashi TV this morning referred to her changes. You can see her images here: (upper right)

Well, well, well....


Bokura no Ongaku - Our Music

After a very long silence, Chihiro will be back on television. She will be featured in Fuji Television Network's Bokura no Ongaku 30-minute music program that will be aired on October 30 at midnight.


CCCD update

It appears Sony Music Entertainment (SME), another CCCD giant, is considering making a clean sweep of its copy-control LabelGate CDs. These moves are intended to accommodate portable music players including Apple's iPod, according to sources.


CCCD: Beginning of an end?

Avex, one of the most enthusiastic promoters of CCCDs, has finally decided that it is giving up forcing all of its artists to release CCCDs instead of authentic CDs. The company will allow each artist or producer to choose a disc format of their own free will. Ayumi Hamasaki's new single due out on September 29 will be released in four different formats: ordinary CD, CD + DVD, SACD, and DVD-Audio.

Chihiro's new discs will most likely be released as something other than CCCDs since Universal has released few CCCDs.


Mysterious article at Amazon Japan

In addition to the "Sodatsu Zasso" single CD, Amazon Japan carries an untitled item at No specification whatsoever.


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