In the News 2004-12


Summing up the year

It has become a bleak year-end for Chihiro fans once again. She has gone into hiding. Meanwhile, Space Shower TV is still airing her PVs at times (Incidentally, it appears "Sodatsu Zasso" PV was not produced at all.), young girls who sang "Gekko" won a prize in the NHK Nodojiman contest over again, and ads for the ultimate collection are placed in national papers. Isn't is a little bit strange that her world is going on without her? I wonder if our key word for the coming year will be this, after all.


Oricon weekly chart

The ultimate collection turned out to be this week's third best selling album.

And the complete clips DVD was ranked ninth. (Notice that this weekly DVD chart is all-inclusive (i.e. including movies) while the daily DVD chart is not. Music-only Oricon DVD chart is not available. If we take away non-music discs, it should rank third.)


New discs update

I had time to listen to the ultimate collection. It seemed to me that these tracks sounded clearer and richer with more resonant bass. These are, however, very subtle differences that casual listeners would not notice.

As of December 3, the complete clips DVD held the second rank on the Oricon daily chart.


TV commercial

A 15-second commercial for the ultimate collection is being aired on television.


New discs update

Both discs took the third place on the Oricon daily chart:

I noticed a medium-sized poster for this release was placed on the wall of a CD store. (I've never seen any "Sodatsu Zasso" poster.)


New discs

It turned out that the ultimate collection CD was compiled under the supervision of Haketa-san. This is not a CCCD. I can't easily recognize the distinction between these remastered sounds and the originals. For the complete clips DVD, the order of tracks has been changed from what was announced earlier:

  1. Shine
  2. Gekko
  3. Cage
  4. Memai
  5. edge
  6. We can go
  7. Gekko (album version)
  9. ROLLIN'
  10. Ryuseigun
  11. Ibara no Umi
  12. infection
  13. King of Solitude
  14. Sign
  15. Beautiful Fighter
  16. Watashi to Warutsu wo
  17. Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e.

No extra tracks for either disc.


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