In the News 2005-03


Venus Japan - For Your Departure

Toshiba EMI's page:


NHK Nodojiman (again)

The grand champion for the year 2004 (ending in March 2005) turned out to be a girl who sang—as you may guess—"Gekko".

Venus Japan compilation album

"Sign" will be included in this compilation album due out on March 30. Among other tracks to be included are the tunes by Miki Imai, Utada, Taeko Onuki, Lisa Ono, Ringo Sheena, and Asuca Hayashi.


Exposure of her recent private image

A photo showing Chihiro's recent image appears in the latest issue of the FLASH gossip magazine, published by Kobunsha, Co., Ltd. Apparently this shot was taken without her permission but she looks much healthier than what is expressed in the heading of this article: Astonished at Her Terribly Emaciated Looks.

She now wears her hair long. (I'm sorry I can't show it to you.)


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