In the News 2005-04


MSN charts

The ultimate collection tops MSN's "Download Album Ranking" chart.

Chihiro ranks 10th on the "Top Artists" list.

"Gekko" ranks 8th and "Ryuseigun" 23rd on the "Latest Hits" list.


Music Station Treasure House

Tonight TV Asahi's Music Station program gave fleeting coverage of Chihiro's past live performance among others. In a retrospective section called "Music Station Treasure House", a phrase of approximately 10 seconds from "Memai" sung in 2001 in the same program was aired.


Chihiro as a sound producer?

An Amazon Japan's page erroneously reports that Chihiro took part in the production of Ai Maeda's first mini album, night fly, as one of the sound producers.

In fact, some of the tunes in this album are produced by Haketa-san.

Probably the Amazon's writer wanted to say "produced by Takefumi Haketa who worked with Chihiro Onitsuka among others" rather than "produced by Chihiro Onitsuka among others."

Incidentally, Ai Maeda, actress ( and Ai Maeda, voice actress (, are different persons. It's very confusing because they share the same kanji notation.


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