In the News 2005-08


iTMS-J Today's Top Songs / Albums

"Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e" ranks 30th, and "Gekko" 51st. The ultimate collection is ranked 69th.

Singles 2000-2003 jackets

From the top, regular edition and limited edition.


iTMS-J launched

The Japanese outlet of Apple's iTunes Music Store opened today at long last. One hundred and fifty to 200 yen per track. Tunes from Sony Music Entertainment and some other major labels are not yet available at this store. Currently 63 Chihiro tracks are on sale including the latest single numbers from Universal.


The end of a stalker update

It appears that the jobless male suspect continued to ring her front door intercom for about half an hour in an attempt to give her the bouquet. Chihiro called the police for herself.

The end of a stalker

A Chihiro fan, as reported by a Fuji Television news program, was arrested for intruding into an apartment house where Chihiro lives, on July 26. This intruder had reportedly committed this crime repeatedly with a bouquet in hand.


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