In the News 2005-09


Sample videos

Sample video clips from the Singles 2000-2003 DVD, as well as previously released promotion videos and Chaku-uta ring tones, have been made available at


TV commercial

A Singles 2000-2003 commercial was inserted into the popular "Music Station" TV program tonight.


Oricon chart

Singles 2000-2003 ranks 7th on the Oricon daily album chart as of September 6.


Singles 2000-2003 released

Disc 1: music CD

  1. Shine
  2. Gekko
  3. Cage
  4. Memai
  5. edge
  6. infection
  8. Ryuseigun
  9. Sign
  10. Beautiful Fighter
  11. Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e
  12. Watashi to Warutsu wo
  13. We can go (summer radio mix)
  14. Castle · imitation (8-cm CD version)
  15. Mamotte Agetai

Disc 2: DVD: Live at the unplugged show at the Symphony Hall, Osaka, August 5, 2003

  1. Arashi-ga Oka
  2. Memai
  3. infection
  4. CROW
  5. Beautiful Fighter

Although she was in a rather bad condition here, I enjoyed this live performance. "Memai" is sung without the piano, but to an acoustic guitar accompaniment. It seems to me that the voice track of "We can go" on the CD is identical to the one used for the original version but with a different intro.


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