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Monshen update

It appears that it's a fact that Chihiro sang at the Monshen preview. To sum up, she sang (or more accurately, hummed or scatted) a song (from the film?) together with the lead actress Tamai-san, a leading member of a music unit called Psalm. Tamai-san is also the film's composer/musician and one of the scenario writers.


MEG's blog

MEG, a musician, designer and fashion model, has an entry about Chihiro on her official blog at In an entry dated September 10 under the title "Japonism," this close friend of Chihiro's says that the photo is a present (a puff box) from Chihiro with her mysterious message "You are sexual!" According to her, Chihiro bought another one for herself. She is amazed at how cool Chihiro is, saying that Chihiro just happened to come across it on the street and bought it for her because she thought it would suit her taste, although it was not an anniversary or anything.


Latest update

The latest issue of Kobunsha's Josei Jishin, a weekly gossip magazine, carries a comment by an anonymous person in the music industry, who is giving advice to Chihiro. According to this person, Chihiro is currently focusing her energy on songwriting in Tokyo. He/she also notes that Chihiro is not going to retire but he/she has no idea when she will come back.


Exposure after a long silence?

Unconfirmed rumors / reports have it that Chihiro sang at the preview of a film called Monshen (, at Ikkakuza, the Tokyo National Museum's temporary theater (probably last weekend).

Incidentally, this film's theme "Myakudo Henkosei / Like a Pulsing Star" is not sung by Chihiro.


MSR to close operations

Melody Star Records has decided to close all operations as of September 30 after nine years of business. The company's website will also be closed on the same date.

Thank you and goodbye, MSR.

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