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A new compilation album from Toshiba-EMI

An album that cheers up working women. Tracks include Chihiro's "Sign" and other songs by Yumi Matsutoya, Clémentine and Sadistic Mika Band. This album is a tie-up with L25, a free magazine for working girls.


Another report

She went on to "Magical World," the second song with pop melodies, without reacting to the cheers from her fans. While singing the third song, "everyhome"—a tune in six-eight time, she didn't show any indecision that she used to manifest before she left the music scene.... She didn't make any comment during the performance. When she tried to step back, she tripped over a cable, which made her smile. This was the first time she smiled that day.... Although she didn't look toward the audience as she left the stage, she did wave a farewell to them.


everyhome maxi single

  1. everyhome
  2. Magical World
  3. Himitsu (Secret)*

* Tentative translation for information only, as always.

AP BANG! official report

As soon as she began to sing, all the audience couldn't move, with their breath held.... After making a deep bow, she tripped over as she left the stage, which relieved the tension in the hall instantly. As she hastened to a wing of the stage, embarrassed, the audience—who came to themselves—gave her a big hand.

  1. Gekko
  2. Magical World
  3. everyhome

Official site changed

Its home page now uses a Flash file.

"everyhome" due out on May 30. Producer: Takeshi Kobayashi. 1,260 yen.

AP BANG! to go on air

Fuji Television plans to air a three-hour program featuring the three-day AP BANG! joint concert on its SKY PerfecTV! CS channel on May 26. The artists to be covered are not decided yet.



Mezamashi TV

This morning, Fuji Television's Mezamashi TV featured Chihiro's performance at AP BANG! She was singing "everyhome" passionately in her long blue dress.

There was also a report in Nippon Television's Zoom In Super program.


Another news page

Her mental fatigue accumulated during the series of new releases and tight schedules. She left the music scene, troubled with the gap between the tempo of the times and hers.

One and a half year ago, Chihiro asked Mr. Takeshi Kobayashi to become her producer. After hearing high quality demos of the songs that she had written at her own pace, Mr. Kobayashi promised to support her.

Chihiro has established her own management company, which will be co-managed by Oorong-sha, a company owned by Mr. Kobayashi.

"I'd like to say thank you to the fans who have been waiting. I will go on writing and singing good songs," says Chihiro.


Official site makeover

... is now in progress.

News coverage

Chihiro buckles down to work after two and a half years of silence. She sang two of her new songs without shoes on and topped off her comeback appearance with a smile.

She has already recovered from mental fatigue and restarted recording this year. A new CD single "everyhome" will be out on May 30, followed by new albums and concerts.


A new stage opens

It appears Chihiro has come back successfully with her new songs. She reportedly sang three songs including "Gekko" and "everyhome," accompanied by a cello and Takeshi Kobayashi's piano. Apparently she did a fantastic performance.


Comeback live performance

Chihiro will sing at AP BANG! Tokyo Kankyo Kaigi (literally, "Environmental Conference") Vol. 1—Tokyo Creators Meeting—on March 17 at Studio Coast, Tokyo (

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