In the News 2007-06


Marty's review

Marty Friedman, an ex-guitarist of Megadeth and connoisseur of J-POP music, gives a rave review to Chihiro's voice quality in an article titled "The reasons why female Japanese singers aren't popular in the US—the J-POP singers who have the appeal for Americans" ( He comments that her voice can even control the atmosphere as well as people's minds.

After Music Station

Chihiro's new autograph is shown along with her message, "Please hear 'everyhome.'" According to the TV program staff's comment on the right, she was shaking hands firmly with Kobatake-san before she began to sing. (Click on the fourth button from the left at the top and see the third one from the top.)


Bokura no Ongaku

A talk with Kobatake-san:

Most of these topics were the repetition of previously released interview articles. Chihiro sang with Kobatake-san's piano:

  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana);
  2. everyhome;
  3. Ryuseigun.

Shika Udai Strings joined the performance of the third song.

Although this performance was better than in Music Station, she seemed to be singing timidly with a monotonous (flat) voice that lacked her usual punch.


Music Station

Unfortunately she messed up her "everyhome" performance tonight. It's probably because she was too nervous or she has not been fully recovered yet.


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