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Oricon weekly chart

"Bokura" ranks 13th.


LAS VEGAS official information


  1. Sweet Rosemary
  2. bad trip
  3. Ro no Tsubasa
  4. Bokura—Bara-iro no Hibi
  5. amphibious
  6. MAGICAL WORLD (album version)
  7. A Horse and A Queen
  8. Rainman (album version)
  9. Angelina
  11. everyhome


  1. everyhome - music video - (version 1)
  2. everyhome - music video - (version 2)
  3. Bokura—Bara-iro no Hibi - music video -

mora album ranking

"Bokura" ranks third and "everyhome" 14th. (in the lower left corner)

iTS Japan top songs

"Bokura" ranks 15th.

OnGen download site's feature page

"Listen to her deep and clear voices and her songs that have changed and matured through the collaboration with Takeshi Kobayashi."


Oricon daily chart

"Bokura" ranks ninth.


ROCKIN'ON JAPAN—Bright despair

As previously announced, the latest issue of the ROCKIN'ON JAPAN magazine carries a four-page interview with four full-page photos, along with Chihiro's advice section.

The advice column called "Namida no Kyu-Yamate Dori" (The Kyu-Yamate Dori street in tears) showcases absurdly funny "advice on life that carves out brutally frank 'truths.'"

Bokura PV

It appears the "Bokura" promotion video was aired by Space Shower TV last night.


msn video

"Bokura" was written two or three years ago with the intention of giving the impression of rose petals turning around and around. LAS VEGAS as a whole is meant to create an impression of a journey. This title has already been given during the time of Sugar High. Please don't be curious about the meaning of this title since she put it without any logical intention as always.


LAS VEGAS demo page

Opens tomorrow at Install the latest Shockwave and ConnecteD plug-ins. Place your "Bokura" CD in your PC's CD-ROM drive and click the button.

and other two or three songs will be included in the new album.

Incidentally, "A Horse and A Queen" is a long-awaited rock tune that we have only been able to hear at her concerts.

"Ro no Tsubasa," "A Horse and A Queen" and "Angelina" can already be heard. [9/18 9 p.m.]


ROCKIN'ON JAPAN photo session

RO69, a music portal site run by rockin'on inc. has a report on a photo session for its ROCKIN'ON JAPAN magazine ( These photos, according to the staff, capture the essence of Chihiro Onitsuka.



Chaku-uta downloads

New Chaku-uta ringtones are available for Japanese cell phones: "Bokura" and "NOW."



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