In the News 2007-11


Osaka FM802's Flower Afternoon program

A snapshot. She says she wants to do live concerts next year.


Christmas and New Year's cards

The Oni T-shirt will come with two Christmas and New Year's cards not available elsewhere, one for you and the other for somebody you care for.

Taiwan chart

LAS VEGAS is at the top of Taiwan's best-selling J-pop / K-pop list.


Two FM radio programs

Chihiro is going to appear in two radio programs by fmfukuoka and Osaka FM802. Osaka FM802's Flower Afternoon program aired three songs that Chihiro would like to hear when taking care of flowers: "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer, "Muchujin" by Faye Wong and "Bara ga Saita" by Mike Maki.

Taiwan's weekly J-pop chart

LAS VEGAS ranked fourth.


Nagoya ZIP-FM

Some snapshots. Chihiro also enjoyed Komeda coffee and chicken wing tips (local specialties) during her visit in Nagoya.


Nagoya ZIP-FM

Chihiro will appear in the Beatnik Junction Lachic Century Session program on November 19.

Oni T-shirts on sale

Typography designed by Unokichi Tachibana, a master of traditional calligraphy. International orders are not accepted.


Dashing and stylish Oni T-shirts on sale

From November 15 on the Goods page.


Official documentary

LAS VEGAS recording session on February 19.


TEARS compilation album

"Ryuseigun" is included in this new compilation album.


Oricon weekly chart

LAS VEGAS ranks 6th on the Oricon weekly album chart.


Chihiro's message and commentary

Chihiro's message: "Please buy and listen to this very good album if you haven't heard it yet." Note that she uses a new signature now.

Click on the message to take a look at Chihiro's commentary on the songs included in LAS VEGAS. New information has been added to this site's Data pages (bad trip, Bokura and MAGICAL WORLD).


Birthday and LAS VEGAS release party


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