In the News 2007-12


New Year's message

Chihiro's New Year's message will be shown on the excite music site from January 1 through 14.

Christmas and New Year's card

She admits that the breast cleavage was enhanced and chuckles to herself. She is planning to continue to write good songs in 2008 at her own pace. "Dogenka sento ikan" ("Something has got to be done" in Miyazaki dialect, which is the favorite phrase of Mr. Higashikokubaru, the ex-comedian Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture).


Hokkaido AIR-G' and FM North Wave

Snapshots. During the programs, she sang to herself, hopped and waved to the audience outside the booth, full of good spirits. She enjoyed crabs and baked potatoes with butter during the visit.


Hokkaido FM North Wave

A snapshot at (12/12 C'S GALLERY)


TBS News 23

A snapshot is available at Here is the summary of this ten-minute feature:


Kyoto Alpha-Station snapshot

Although "Onitsuka" is spelled incorrectly, there can be no mistake that this is a snapshot of Chihiro.

TBS News 23 TV program

Tokyo Broadcasting System's Tetsuya Chikushi News 23 TV program is going to feature Chihiro Onitsuka on December 7.

Two FM radio programs

Chihiro appeared in Kyoto Alpha-Station and fmfukuoka radio programs.


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