In the News 2008-01


Nine Dirts and Snow White Flickers concert

On April 26 at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo (, a concert hall for classical music, opera and ballet performances. Preorder entries will be accepted on the official site from noon tomorrow to February 11, 6 p.m.


Official tumblers

Chihiro Onitsuka reusable tumbler approved by Chihiro, who has recently become a coffee drinker and gotten hooked on it, and an old-fashioned glass with an official gold-leaf logo on it.


First writing and video message

First writing: A happy new year! This year I'd like to do my shows in various locations. Come see me.

Video message: I want to perform live in 2008. In my private life, I want to travel in Europe. But I think it won't come true because making preparations is a big pain for me. I also want to do "frog handstand" and fly a kite high in the sky.... It's a joke.

Another video message on excite music

Looking back on 2007, I still can't believe I've come back since I was too nervous. While I was on the promotional tour visiting various places, I was recalling my past activities. Speaking of the most exciting event in 2007, I'm grateful to my fans who were waiting for me out in the cold around the satellite radio stations. In my private life, I was moved by various films. As my aspirations for 2008, I want to do many live performances and write new songs. I also want to be able to enjoy wasabi (Japanese horseradish) as a condiment as I go up the stairs to become a fully grown-up woman.


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