In the News 2008-03


Congratulations, Momoko!

Momoko Onitsuka, Chihiro's sister, passed an entrance examination for the prestigious Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. Momoko will major in traditional Japanese dance. She loves kabuki and Okinawan music rather than J-pop and is also good at calligraphy.


papyrus magazine

The latest issue of papyrus, a bimonthly literary magazine by Gentosha, features an article titled "Chihiro Onitsuka: I'm Not Dead Yet." It includes photos (12 pages), an interview (6 pages), a talk with Natsuo Gin'iro, a poet/writer/photographer born in Miyazaki prefecture (2 pages) and a biography (4 pages).

The interview and talk:

Chihiro's comments on the biography:

Phew, I'm exhausted, too!


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