In the News 2008-04


Nine Dirts and Snow White Flickers set list

Set list:

  1. Aria from J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations (solo piano)
  2. SUNNY ROSE (new song; a cappella)
  3. Cage
  4. Ryuseigun
  5. infection
  6. Memai
  7. everyhome
  8. Nagori-yuki (by Kaguyahime)
  9. You've Got a Friend (by Carole King)
  10. Angelina
  12. Bokura—Bara-iro no Hibi
  13. Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e
  14. Sign
  15. Watashi to Warutsu wo


  1. Gekko
  2. Hotaru (new song)

Piano: Haruo Togashi
First violin: Daisensei (Koichiro) Muroya
Second violin: Masahiko Todo
Viola: Shoko Miki
Cello: Tomofumi Maruyama


Nine Dirts and Snow White Flickers concert

At this concert, I was deeply shocked... in a positive way. Never have I seen Chihiro sing so confidently and powerfully. I'll write a report later.



Chihiro will sing the theme of a Japanese film Last Game—Saigo no Sokeisen (The Last Baseball Game Between Waseda University and Keio University;—which gives a picture of students who were killed in a battle during World War II—due out in August. This fantastic ballad, titled "Hotaru" (Firefly), has been picked up by the film's production staff from the collection of her unreleased songs. "Hotaru" is also expected to be released in August and will be sung live at the forthcoming concert this month.


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