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ROCKIN'ON JAPAN interview movie (Windows only)


Hotaru PV on YouTube (movie edit)

Hotaru PV on YouTube

(It appears it's already removed. It was an official posting by Universal Music Japan.)


Chihiro's comment on ap bank fes '08

Sakurai-san (of the Bank Band) was supporting me just as a brother who is much older than me would do and he has been a great help to me. Anyway, it was terribly hot since my room is always air-conditioned to 16 degrees centigrade (60 degrees Fahrenheit).


ap bank fes '08

It appears that Chihiro sang "Gekko" and "everyhome."


The August issue of ROCKIN'ON JAPAN carries a four-page interview with four full-page kimono photos:


Chihiro in her first kimono

For a ROCKIN'ON JAPAN photo session that took place in the street and a parking lot in Shibuya, she was dressed in a kimono that she had bought for herself for the first time in her life, as if she had escaped from the film Gokudo no Onna-tachi (Gangsters' Wives).


Hotaru update

"Hotaru" and "HIDE AND SCREAM" are also available for download at HMV Japan (, mora ( and Chaku-uta Full cell phone service stores. Hotaru is today's eighth best-selling album/single at the mora store (as of 6 p.m. JST).

iTS Japan

"Hotaru" and "HIDE AND SCREAM" are now available at Apple's iTunes Store Japan.


Concert Tour 2008 "VEGAS CODE"

From October 12 to November 24 in Nishinomiya (Hyogo), Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Tokyo:


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