In the News 2009-03


New info on Yesterday Once More: Tribute To Carpenters

According to the Hochi Shimbun, "I Need To Be In Love" was recorded in August last year.


This album's release has been changed to March 25.


New CD single: X and ラストメロディー

A new CD single is scheduled to be released on May 20.

"X" is an edgy hard [rock] number that was unveiled at Rock In Japan Festival 2008 in August last year and "ラストメロディー" (Last Melody) is a beautifully sad love song, both produced by Masayuki Sakamoto, the producer of "Hotaru."

"Thanks to your support, I'm now able to start singing well again. Thank you for your continued support in advance."—Chihiro Onitsuka.



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