In the News 2009-05


ROCKIN'ON JAPAN's new series

The title of ROCKIN'ON JAPAN's new serial column is "Sexy Armadillo's Whimsical Philosophy."


"帰り路をなくして" CD single

"Kaerimichi wo Nakushite" (Losing The Way Home) will be out on July 22. This will be a straight magnificent ballad that Chihiro Onitsuka is famous for. "When the way home is lost, where will one go tomorrow?"

Also included will be "I Pass By (Acoustic version)."

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"X" PV on YouTube

The "X" promotion video will appear on YouTube's official Universal Music channel at on May 13, noon, JST.

This video, directed by Kensaku Kakimoto, has been produced in line with Chihiro's novel idea of "body-sync," or expressing this musical piece solely by dancing, rather than ordinary lip-synching. This dance was arranged by Chihiro herself.

The guest dancer is Kaiji Moriyama, a world-class contemporary dancer who was reviewed by The New York Times as "an amazing dancer."



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