In the News 2010-12


Mud Snail Report Vol. 3

Features Shibuya's Nude Trump antique used clothes store.

Mud Snail Report Vol. 2

Draw a picture of a mud snail as you sing.


Trial started

The trial of the case against Yusuke Komiya, who is charged with assaulting Chihiro, started today at the Tokyo District Court. The defendant denied part of the indictment, claiming that all he did was give her a slap. According to the public prosecutor, this man became acquainted with Chihiro at a toy store in Tokyo in early August and began living with her in her apartment, and he hit her to show his mounting dissatisfaction toward her.

The police record included Chihiro's comment that she became afraid of coming close to men due to distrust of them, and that she would never forgive him for having damaged her face badly.

Happy Christmas!

A photo taken in New York.


Mud Snail Report

Chihiro's serial Mud Snail Reports present her photos of what she came across by sheer chance along with her own comments. Vol. 1 features Harajuku's Spiral toy/variety store.


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