In the News 2011-02


Papyrus interview (or monologue) highlight

For Chihiro, her tattoo set is something like a talisman that concentrates all of the energies inside her to emit them as a beam, just like "Kamehameha" in Dragon Ball. And she really needs it and loves it but she is not going to wear an additional one. Now that she has tattoos, she feels she can't become an ordinary middle-aged woman. She is determined to continue to go funky as she is.

New releases

Chihiro has moved to For Life Music Entertainment ( Upcoming releases are:

Additionally, the latest issue of the Papyrus magazine features a 25-page interview with Chihiro—about the Komiya incident, the tattoo on her left arm and insomnia from which she has been suffering for more than 10 years.

Furthermore, she will release her first book also on April 20. This autobiographical essay, 月の破片 (Fragments of the Moon), describes her beloved family, her songs that reflect all her life, her struggle with insomnia and love that passed her by.

New Oni goods

Orders will be received starting from 7 p.m. (JST) today.

Tokunaga's new album

Hideaki Tokunaga's Concert Tour 2010 VOCALIST & SONGS 2 DVD will include "Gekko."


Mud Snail Report Vol. 6

Features Vinivini, a secondhand store in Daikanyama, Tokyo.


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