In the News 2011-04


Costume on display

Commemorating the release of 剣と楓, the costume designed by Chihiro for the 青い鳥 PV (and actually worn by her) is on display at Tower Records Shibuya. Also exhibited is a large card showing her passionate message along with her lipstick mark. Shibuya Tsutaya is also displaying her message card.

Short verse giveaway

Twenty lucky winners from among the fans who bought either 剣と楓 (the new album) or 月の破片 (the book) and are subscribing to the official email magazine will get an envelope containing one of Chihiro's seventeen-syllable poems, with her autograph on it.

Media exposure

TV programs, YouTube, Web and magazines.


Fan letter

Send your fan letter to the following address with a postage stamp, letter paper and a envelop for return mail enclosed:


Chihiro may (or may not) write you back.


Mud Snail Report Vol. 7

Features Chihiro's clay works.


剣と楓 preview: Thank you message from Chihiro

"Thanks for the lot of responses."

Message on the screen: I made this album while I was carried away but I worked hard. I owe it to all of you.

JOIN ALIVE summer festival

Chihiro will take part in this festival on July 24 at Iwamizawa Park, Hokkaido.

青い鳥 PV

Directed by Kensaku Kakimoto, who produced the PVs for "X," "帰り路をなくして," "陽炎" and "STEAL THIS HEART" as well as the DOROTHY artwork.


Natalie interview

剣と楓 is a many-faceted album that is featured by different elements of electros, traditional folk songs and even enka, not to mention Chihiro's pet tunes. Although she strives for such variety so that she won't get tired, she is confident that she will always come back—in the end—to her original style. She will be glad if her fans spot her original taste that is (and will be) reflected in her songs.

剣と楓 preview on Ustream

Live broadcast will start at 1 p.m., April 10 (JST) at


Chihiro sings 青い鳥

For Life Music Entertainment has released a video clip at


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