In the News 2011-07


Nico Nico Douga

Chihiro will appear in a program on Nico Nico Douga from 8 p.m. today.


Join Alive live performance in Hokkaido, July 24

Clad in a Cleopatra-like golden costume, Chihiro sang "A WHITE WHALE IN MY QUIET DREAM" a cappella, followed by "青い鳥," which was accompanied by Haruo Togashi's piano and Tomofumi Maruyama's cello. When she sang "BORDERLINE" as she banged a tambourine on the floor, all the people held their breath, overwhelmed by her rough breathing.

To make a sharp contrast, The Guess Who's "American Woman" was sung in a husky, smoky voice. The last song, "Beautiful Fighter," was accompanied by her own guitar, which she had never done before. The audience was overwhelmed from beginning to end.

According to tweets on Twitter, things were quite different—she was in so poor condition that even Oni fans found it difficult to recognize her songs. And the audience was extremely turned off or even horrified by her avant-garde style—she sang on all fours and intentionally scattered the pianist's music sheets and her own lyrics sheets all over the floor.


Hotel Murderess of Arizona Show tour preorder

Preorders are being accepted at Tickets will have to be received at one of the Lawson convenience stores in Japan.


The Hotel Murderess of Arizona tour

This is the first national tour in almost ten years.

Detailed information will follow.


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