In the News 2011-08


FM802 special program

Osaka FM802's Bintang Garden radio program will feature Chihiro. This special program, titled "WANNA BE A HAPPY WARRIOR: The Truth of Chihiro Onitsuka," will start at 11 p.m., September 3.


Fox straps

Five lucky fans will win one of the five fox straps as a present commemorating Chihiro's trip to Hokkaido. How to apply will be explained in an e-mail newsletter that will be sent from August 23 to 31.


Fan letter program ended

Napoleon Records no longer accepts fan letters so that Chihiro can concentrate her efforts on the preparation for the coming concert tour.

More preorder info


Napoleon Records explains

An explanation of the uproar on the Web over the Join Alive performance, by Mr. Koichi Konatsu, Napoleon Records:

There should naturally be pros and cons regarding any performance like that. Above anything else, she is aiming at memorable staging. She used the lyrics sheets for "stage effects" that nobody had ever devised.


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