In the News 2011-09


WHOLE MONSTER PUNKS private exhibition

Featuring illustrations, collages and lyrics by Chihiro along with objets and toys that decorate her room will be held at Sundaland Cafe in Shibuya from October 1 through 15. Chihiro will be visiting this cafe on October 1 and 15.


Regular live program starts on Nico Nico Douga

"包丁の上でUTATANETS" (UTATANETS on the kitchen knife) will start on September 21, 9 p.m. at

Also appearing: Mikito Tsurugi, a rock band manager.

RED HOT@TV interview, from around 2:40.


New compilation album

For Life Music's new omnibus compilation album titled Sweet 30 Covers ~歌姫達による洋楽カバーベストセレクション~ featuring Chihiro's "I Need To Be In Love" will be released on October 26.


Final preorder info


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