In the News 2012-03


Handwritten column #1

Blah-blah about an actor who got married recently.


Mud Snail Report Vol. 16: Don Quijote discount store


FAMOUS MICROPHONE: Chihiro's first cover album of Western songs

"As its title goes, this album includes 'a famous microphone.' I will walk an orthodox road in this world where subcultures are regarded as fashionable. I sing such songs and live like such songs at all times."—Chihiro Onitsuka.

Due on May 30. Titles are shown in alphabetical order except for the bonus track.


Chihiro sings a Kiyoshiro song

King of Songwriter ~ Songs of Kiyoshiro Covers ~, a new cover album of J-rock star Kiyoshiro Imawano's songs will include "つ・き・あ・い・た・い" sung by Chihiro.


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