In the News 2012-06


Apology for Chihiro's first tweets

Napoleon Records issued an apology for some of the tweets Chihiro posted yesterday. Napoleon has already deleted these tweets to the effect that she wanted to kill Akiko Wada and Shinsuke What's-his-family-name.


Event at Tower Records Shibuya

The premium live performance event at Tower Records Shibuya titled "Dropping (or Degrading) a Raw Egg"—as a parody of "帰り路をなくして" (Losing The Way Home)—by Chihiro started with "Time After Time" accompanied by Haruo Togashi's keyboards. A series of cover tunes that were specially arranged for that night followed. The encore song "Wasted" was a bluesy English lyrics song written by Chihiro. She told the audience that she had recently came across a real bastard and proceeded to sing it to her own acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Following her performance, she disclosed that she had come to like "Mother Nature's Son" through the film I Am Sam, "Sweet Home Alabama" through Forrest Gump and "Take Me Home, Country Roads" through 耳をすませば (Whisper of the Heart).

Chihiro momentarily showed off her new tattoo on the back of her neck before she left the stage.

  1. Time After Time
  2. Brass In Pocket
  3. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  4. Desperado
  5. I Need To Be In Love
  6. Wasted


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