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Chihiro's comment

Have you bought [a copy of my new release]? If you haven't, I'm gonna get really mad!


Drakengard 3 commercials

"This Silence Is Mine" is used here.

TV Bros. interview

She writes her lyrics while watching films. She likes lines like "Life is like a box of chocolates" in Forrest Gump. The upcoming concert tour has been titled "Heart Beat Tour" because she frequently uses the words "heart beat" in her lyrics. She now has 200 songs in stock since she really likes to make music. Before live performances, she takes a secret medicine prescribed by her doctor. She used to place a figure of Mother Mary on the stage, but now she'd prefer an empty can of this concoction. (According to Mr. Konatsu, her manager, this medicine is for patients who cannot eat. Chihiro doesn't eat much before concerts so she can sing better.)


Wikipedia Corrections

The latest issue of TV Bros., a TV listings magazine, carries an article called "Wikipedia本人確認ウィキ直し!" (Wikipedia Corrections) in which Chihiro checks and corrects the Japanese Wikipedia entry on herself. According to one of her corrections, Chihiro now writes her music and lyrics at the same time.


Tanishi Times Premium

"I'm most fascinated by Moon Dreamers, the American toys in the 1980s. I've never come across one since they are so rare. So find and deliver them to me."


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