In the News 2014-04


Juon theme song

Chihiro's new song "祈りが言葉に変わる頃" (tentatively "When Prayers Turn Into Words") has been selected as the theme for an upcoming horror film titled 呪怨 -終わりの始まり- that will be released on June 28.


Arabaki Rock Fest. 14

Chihiro is going to take part in Arabaki Rock Fest. 14 as a guest at Ecopark Michinoku in Miyagi on April 27. Tickets have already been sold out.


Welcome To Butcher Club services

Will be launched on April 4, 5:00 p.m. Services will include wallpapers, videos, access to Napoleon Records blog(s), birthday emails and ticket preorders.

Chihiro in sukekiyo music video

Chihiro is appearing in a music video of sukekiyo, a solo project by 京 (Kyo) who is a member of DIR EN GREY.


Butcher Club started

Paid members can take part in various campaigns and access rich content services. You need to have an au, SoftBank or mopita account to sign up for this offering. Members will be charged 324 yen (or 333 yen for SoftBank users) per month.


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