In the News 2014-09


Natalie interview

For the first time, Chihiro attended all album recording processes because she felt she was responsible as the band owner. She wanted to make a colorful and elusive album that would have multiple aspects.

The "BURGER" in the title has something in common with "SANDWITCHES" (or sandwiches) and she came up with "TRICKY SISTERS" when she took a look at a sticker on the back of her guitar, featuring a nun exposing her naked lower body.

As soon as she finishes watching a film, she often takes out a pen and paper to start writing a song. Sometimes it only takes 15 to 20 minutes.

She has successfully recovered her singing voice by losing weight.


Hand-drawn LINE stamps

Chihiro is selling her LINE stamps featuring Oyoyo-chan that she has created.

Coloring contest

Those who will buy her new album at Tower Records Shibuya will be given a coloring sheet. Three winning participants who will be chosen by Chihiro and Atsushi Kaneko, the designer of the cover, will be awarded either a sheet colored by Chihiro or a life-size ad panel with their autographs on it.



On November 1 in Kokubunji, Tokyo. For Welcome To Butcher Club members only.

The end of the flame of my eyes MV


How to use FLAVORS hamburgers

Chihiro is demonstrating how to use the soft vinyl hamburgers.

CD & DL Data magazine

The upcoming issue due on September 13 will feature her talk with Kyo/sukekiyo.


Space Shower Music video

It reads "an album release comment" but actually Chihiro is only asking us to listen to the two songs featured in their respective MVs.


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