Special Live at SHIBUYA-AX, 2003-03-10

About Suntory Hall and a little bit about Folia

About Folia

I think I've written little about myself. I was into classical music until I bought INSOMNIA. I don't mean I didn't listen to anything other than classical music, though. My handle "Folia" is named after an ancient Spanish dance called "la folia de la Spagna" (Spanish folia originated in Portugal). Besides early/baroque music, I'm fond of late romantic music including Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Richard Strauss, and Schönberg in his early days. As a classical music fan, I visited Suntory Hall a number of times. This is my most favorite hall.

About Suntory Hall

Inaugurated in 1986, Suntory Hall is considered to be the first genuine "classical-only" hall in Tokyo, with reverberation time of over two seconds. This privately owned concert hall was designed under the supervision of maestro Herbert von Karajan. So it's no wonder that it looks like the Berlin Philharmonie. Suntory Hall is characterized by its brilliant and rich tones. I was once impressed with how beautifully Johann Strauss' waltzes sound in this hall.

The combination of the Rieger pipe organ and gorgeous interior makes this hall attractive to the eye, too. The chandeliers above the stage were designed wittily in imitation of beer (or champagne) glasses.

The Unplugged Show at Suntory Hall

Since I couldn't get the ticket by ordinary means, I used the power of money (but legally) as a last resort. It was so costly but it couldn't be helped. Let's see what this concert in August will be like. A report will follow later on.



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