Anniversary Special #1

Enter the Ogre

Because this website is dedicated to Onitsuka-san, I've avoided writing about myself whenever possible, deliberately. But I'm going to lift the ban for now.

One day I woke up at midnight for unknown reasons. I felt like watching television. Then I watched the bizarre drama, whose title was TRICK 2, as I learned later. It was the kind of drama in which a clock ticked on backward and supernatural this and that took place one after another. As the video program neared its end, a beautiful song was heard. It was "Ryuseigun". It was the first time I heard Chihiro's song.

What interested me, however, was not Chihiro. I wanted to watch more of the TRICK serials. I rushed to a Tsutaya video rental store, rented the DVD dramas and watched both TRICK 1 and TRICK 2. Then I knew "Gekko", the ending theme for TRICK 1. This song sounded curious to me. It seemed cool, weird, fantastic, and beautiful at the same time. I felt as if I were looking at a surrealist painting. By this time, I was aware that the singer is called Chihiro Onitsuka.

This time, I was interested in Chihiro. I went to the nearest Tower Records CD store and bought INSOMNIA. I remember clearly that This Armor's ad was posted on the inside of the shop. Probably it was around February 2002.

(To be continued.)



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