In the News 2004-02


At an audio-visual store

I've been aware that the "Tiger in my Love" commercial video clip is still in use at audio-visual stores dealing in Kenwood products. Today I noticed the "ROLLIN'" promotional video is being played at a Yodobashi Camera store. Yodobashi Camera is a mass merchandiser that sells a wide variety of consumer products including cameras, home electric appliances, personal computers, music CDs and DVDs.


Space Shower TV

Much the same as the Viewsic program on February 22. "Gekko", "Memai", "LITTLE BEAT RIFLE" and others.


Singles Box Set

HMV Japan carries an image of the set ( A limited edition of 10,000 sets with a CD carrying case that can hold all of the 10 CD singles, with a logo on it.



The Viewsic program today turned out to be nothing but a collection of past promotional video clips just as I thought. "Shine", "infection" and other works. I noticed that this is the first time I saw the whole "Sign" video. She looks pretty cute in here, doesn't she?


Recent news

Online stores including Amazon, HMV, and Tower Records are accepting orders for the Singles Box Set. The details are just as what I reported on February 4. All discs are ordinary CDs except for "Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e", which is a CCCD.

West Japan Railway Company's "Discover the West" TV commercial I reported last year is now being aired frequently.


Advance notice: Makeover of this site

I'm working on the makeover of this site mainly for technical reasons. If you are bookmarking the News page (news.html), please change the bookmark to the Top page (index.html). The News page won't disappear but it will be renamed. The site name will also be changed.


Advance notice: Anniversary specials (on this site)

Commemorating the fourth anniversary of Chihiro's CD debut (February 9) as well as the first anniversary of this site (February 13), a series of special reports will appear on the Reports page from Monday 9th through Friday 13th.


4th album canceled (probably)

The fourth album and the video clip DVD have apparently been canceled. The Singles Box Set is their substitute, according to sources.



Tower Records Japan's website is giving notice that Chihiro Onitsuka Singles Box Set will be out on March 17. It may be possible that her 4th album and the new DVD will be replaced with this box. Let's wait for an official announcement. Patience, patience.

It looks like this box is a combination of her 10 past CD singles.


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