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Chihiro reached her 24th birthday today.


The Ultimate Collection and The Complete Clips

Amazon Japan is accepting pre-orders for The Ultimate Collection CD at, and The Complete Clips DVD at

Nikkan Sports article

The name of her disease and the time of her comeback are unknown.


Oricon chart

"Sodatsu Zasso" held sixth place on Oricon Daily Top 20 chart yesterday.


A Chihiro Onitsuka special program was aired by MUSIC ON! TV in the middle of last night. It was a medley of her promotion videos: LITTLE BEAT RIFLE, Sign, Beautiful Fighter, the Waltz, and Ii Hi.... Contrary to my expectation, "Sodatsu Zasso" wasn't included in it.


Official site update

Special programs in commemoration of the release of the new single started. On the media page, a video clip of "Sodatsu Zasso" live performance is available until November 10.

"Message to Chihiro Onitsuka" has been added to the mail page. (Below Name, E-mail address, Subject, and Message fields are Submit (left) and Clear (right) buttons. Up to 6,000 characters without any tags.)

Two versions of the CD single

It appears the two versions of "Sodatsu Zasso" CD are identical except for the jacket photo and the color of the label: black for the limited version and white for the regular one.

Update: Daily Sports online

According to this article, she is not hospitalized because she is not in very bad condition.

Off until the year-end

According to this morning's Mezamashi TV, the Daily Sports newspaper reports that Chihiro will be off from work until the end of this year.


Absence of sales promotion

Tomorrow we will see the release of Chihiro's first CD from the A&M label. There have been no impressive promotion efforts as yet. (See also the Data page.)



SMA makes an apology for the Bokura no Ongaku cancellation on Chihiro's Artist Info page .


Rainman lyrics

"Rainman" lyrics are posted on the official site's discography page.


Bokura no Ongaku canceled

Chihiro canceled the Bokura no Ongaku - Our Music program expected on October 30 because of poor physical condition. Universal Sigma and SMA are waiting for the doctor's diagnosis. There will be a report in due course.


Best album and PV collection DVD

According to the current issue of Kadokawa Shoten Publishing's CD Data and CD stores' websites, The Ultimate Collection, Chihiro's best album, and The Complete Clips, a promotion video (PV) collection DVD, will be released from Toshiba EMI on December 1.

The Ultimate Collection CD

  1. Ryuseigun
  2. Koe
  3. Memai
  4. Gekko
  5. infection
  6. We can go
  7. Fly to me
  8. Shine (album version)
  9. BACK DOOR (album version)
  10. King of Solitude
  11. CROW
  12. Ibara no Umi
  13. Watashi to Warutsu wo
  14. call
  15. Sign

Digitally remastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York.

The Complete Clips DVD

  1. Shine
  2. Gekko
  3. Cage
  4. Memai
  5. edge
  6. We can go
  7. Gekko (album version)
  8. infection
  10. ROLLIN'
  11. Ryuseigun
  12. Ibara no Umi
  13. King of Solitude
  14. Sign
  15. Beautiful Fighter
  16. Ii Hi Tabidachi, Nishi e
  17. Watashi to Warutsu wo

This DVD will be a complete collection of her promotion video clips released during her EMI days.



Larger images


Official site update


Music Station Special

Tonight a past scene of Chihiro singing "Sign" was aired in TV Asahi's Music Station Special program. This number was among the love songs picked out by Mika Nakashima, one of her best friends, who showed up live on the stage.


Official site update

Sound clips are available on the discography page. The image above is the regular edition and the below, the limited edition.



As some of you have already noticed, CRADLE ON MY NOISE - Live Insomnia Video Edition DVD will be re-released by Toshiba EMI at a discount, on November 17. It seems the company hasn't communicated anything about it as yet.


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