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Oricon daily chart

LAS VEGAS is the second-best selling album today.

Yahoo! Music Magazine

Chihiro talks about how she was and what she did when she was 18.

LAS VEGAS on iTunes Store Japan (2,000 yen)



"For All the Lights and Shadows"

Finally the long-awaited new album will be released tomorrow. I've already bought one since larger stores in large cities usually start selling CDs even before their official release dates. And this is simply amazing!

Excite interview

She says she used to write songs as if to expose everything about herself, but now she can write music while watching herself.

27th birthday

Congratulations on your 27th birthday, Chihiro!


Excite Music

Excite Music's feature pages at


All Night Nippon radio program

Chihiro will give some advice on life in response to listeners' requests in Nippon Broadcasting System's "All Night Nippon" radio program.

LAS VEGAS commemorative present

The e-mail news subscribers will have a chance to get a present. Details will be announced shortly in upcoming e-mail news.

Source: Onitsuka Chihiro Mail News 2007.10.26.


Nagoya ZIP-FM radio program

Chihiro is going to give some advice on how to sing karaoke better in "FRIDAY SHINY WAVE MUSIC LESSON."


Tokyo FM radio program

Chihiro will talk about LAS VEGAS in the "discord" radio program.



The November issue of ROCKIN'ON JAPAN. A three-page interview with four full-page photos:


Barfout! interview

The November issue of Barfout! monthly magazine carries an interview with Chihiro, along with a trialogue with Barfout! and Yasuyuki Okamura (a rock musician) and another interview with Masanobu Kondo (the director who is also known as the producer of Yellow Magic Orchestra).

Interview with Chihiro:

Interview with Mr. Kondo:



Chihiro is going to appear on Space Shower TV's SPACE SHOWER HOT 50 Chart Cobain live program.


CD Data interview

An interview by CD Data monthly magazine published by Kadokawa Magazines:

During the production of LAS VEGAS, Chihiro left almost everything up to Kobatake-san, including the sounds, arrangements and the order of tracks. The title of the fifth album that will follow LAS VEGAS has already been thought up. She hopes she will be able to release the fifth album in the year after next.

Chihiro's liner notes:

  1. Sweet Rosemary: She is glad to find this song at the opening of this album.
  2. bad trip: The piano and cello tones match the worldview that is expressed in this song.
  3. Ro no Tsubasa: She wrote this song recently, with the story of Icarus in mind.
  4. Bokura—Bara-iro no Hibi: This was the first song that she handed over to Kobatake-san. It "came out" quite naturally.
  5. amphibious: This is the song whose arrangement amazed her the most. It was a risky attempt use this adaptation.
  6. MAGICAL WORLD: She doesn't remember what made her write this number. It's about human warmth.
  7. A Horse and A Queen: This song was finished around the time of This Armor. Again, she doesn't remember what made her make it.
  8. Rainman: If this tune sounds like a Carpenters, it's because she is fond of Carpenters.
  9. Angelina: The oldest song in this album. She had already written the first half of it earlier, and she added the second half this time.
  10. BRIGHTEN US: She wrote this song about one year ago. She sings it a cappella.
  11. everyhome: She wrote it in three days while watching the film Forrest Gump with the sound turned off.


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Ongaku to Hito interview

The current issue of the Ongaku to Hito (Music and Human Beings) monthly magazine published by Usen Corporation has a two-page interview with Chihiro along with six photo pages. Just as usual, she keeps her laconic talking style here:

Note: The above translation of the lyrics of "Angelina" may be incorrect due to the lack of context and other information. It may in fact be "Who will love all of [my] loneliness and whines / If I don't love them," for example. It should be noted, however, that the interviewer's question here is about loving her own self.


Music Station Special

"Gekko" ranked 46th in this special TV program's ranking of 100 favorite songs that make you shed tears.


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