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Oricon daily chart

"everyhome" ranks 7th.

Yahoo! Japan Music interview

Update on the official site

TV commercial

This morning I saw an "everyhome" commercial on TV.


Universal Music's new official site


Next week's Music Station

Chihiro is going to sing "everyhome."

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Weekly Pia interview

The latest issue of Weekly Pia listings magazine from Pia Corporation carries a five-page interview:

She hopes that the next album will be rich in variety, full of songs that have always been in her mind but have never been produced before.

To make improvements in singing skills after the long silence, she goes to karaoke joints. She often sings "Dschinghis Khan," a hit tune by the German group of the same name, as well as enkas (sentimental Japanese ballads), but not her songs because it isn't exciting.

A message to her fans: "Please don't expect too much."



The June issue of ROCKIN'ON JAPAN magazine includes an exclusive interview article (four photo pages, five interview pages and one "everyhome" review page) along with an "everyhome" ad:

About "everyhome": It took Chihiro three days to write this song. (Usually she needs only three to four hours.) Its theme is winds. She hit on the idea while watching the film Forrest Gump.

What happened during her absence: She was tired of her work before she terminated her contract with the management company. She might have retired from the music scene if she had kept racing ahead that way. She was sick of various things other than making music (e.g. autograph sessions) although it isn't that she hates to interact with her fans. She kept writing songs calmly but she worked less and less. Finally she stopped writing, fearing that nobody would listen to her songs. When Kobatake-san first met her, he told her that she seemed to be suffering deep distress. She was shocked but felt suddenly relieved since the "everyhome" session with him was so exciting. However, she spent about one idle year without writing a single song. After instructed by Mr. Kondo, the director, to write songs, she did so quickly (about ten songs during a period of one and a half month).

What happened recently: While making a dash, she is looking around restlessly in anxiety. At the AP BANG! concert, she was so nervous and was not sure if anybody would want to listen to her performance. But she was relieved when she heard her fans crying out, "Welcome back, Chii-chan!"

A message to her fans: ".................. I'm sorry." (laughs)

Bokura no Ongaku (second time lucky?)

Finally Chihiro will be on the Bokura no Ongaku - Our Music program on June 1, with Kobatake-san.



everyhome promotion video

It appears "everyhome" promotional video was on air on Space Shower TV last night.

Private everyhome presentation session

According to various blogs, a private "everyhome" demo session was held this week. Only a small number of media people and distributors were invited to a recording studio where Chihiro sang only "everyhome" with Kobatake-san's piano.


New official site (?)

What looks like a new official site has been opened by a company called Napoleon Records at E-mail news service is available.

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Subscribe at your own risk since there is no privacy policy on this new site.


Yahoo! Music Magazine "must buys"

... include Chihiro's new CD single:

  1. "everyhome," a ballad consisting of a piano, vocals and nothing else,
  2. "MAGICAL WORLD," where a piano and a cello converse with each other, and
  3. "Himitsu," a tune that swings to the band sounds.


AP BANG! to go on air

On May 26, 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on SKY PerfecTV! Fuji Television 721.


Nikkei Entertainment! article

The current June issue of Nikkei Entertainment! monthly magazine features a two-page article about Chihiro's comeback:

In the summer of 2005, she talked about her future with Mr. Kondo, the top executive at the Japanese counterpart of A&M Records. According to him, she wanted to work with Kobatake-san since she was fascinated with his music making attitude after hearing almost all songs he produced—including Mr. Children's and Salyu's. She began producing demo tracks. In the spring of 2006, Kobatake-san heard her demos and had an "everyhome" demo session with Chihiro, which spurred him to support her. Since she didn't have enough songs on hand, she devoted herself to song writing at home during the rest of the year. Finally, in February 2007, recording sessions started in which Chihiro's singing and Kobatake-san's piano playing took place at the same time. He made few changes to the songs she wrote.

It is said that she moved to new companies because her activities were out of sync with what is required of a [commercial] artist. From now on, due regard will be paid to her own pace.


Chaku-uta Full downloads

"everyhome" and "MAGICAL WORLD" are now available at Recochoku website at Additionally, offline CD stores including Tower Records and HMV have the new songs' demo CD on their salesfloors.



The next issue of ROCKIN'ON JAPAN monthly magazine that will be out on May 19 will feature an exclusive interview with Chihiro.



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